Kayak trolling motors

A kayak trolling motor can be used to move a boat through water instead of having to paddle it. These motors can be particularly useful for paddlers who become fatigued to the point where trying to reach a dock or shore manually could be unsafe. Trolling motors for kayaks can also be beneficial for new boaters who have not mastered proper paddling technique and need some assistance moving in the water while learning. The type of motor that is needed will depend on the boat’s size and weight as well as whether it will be used in mostly freshwater or saltwater. 

Top-Selling Models

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor – Featuring a 30-inch shaft, this 12-volt trolling motor for kayak use includes a 6-inch telescoping handle and tilt twist tiller that can control the boat’s speed with minimal effort. Five forward and three backward speed settings allow for even better control. The motor’s battery is designed for longevity and operates the motor quietly so that fish aren’t scared off while trying to fish. The composite shaft is made to be highly durable in all types of water conditions. Weighing only 7.71 pounds, the motor can be lifted without any difficulty by most people. 

Minn Kota Endura Max in Shaft Thrust Trans MNT – With its variable speed control, kayakers can choose from five different preset speeds for slower or faster travel through water. The 10-position lever lock bracket comes with a lever lock that can be released quickly. Composite material used in the construction is able to resist warping, flexing and UV light damage. Accurate power readings are provided by the battery meter to let boaters know when a recharge is needed. The 15-centimeter telescoping handle is easy to grip for better control of the kayak. 

Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor – This model comes with an LED battery indicator and is one of electric kayak motor options that is built for boating on the sea or other saltwater bodies. Its 30-inch fiberglass composite shaft can be adjusted for accurate depth placement in all water conditions. The 6-inch, 8-speed telescoping handle allows for different speeds in forward or reverse gears. Magnesium, zinc and stainless steel hardware on the motor make it less susceptible to corrosion. The 5-point LED battery indicator can correctly show how much power is left in the motor’s battery. 

Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling – Navigating a river or freshwater lake will be easy with this motor’s 36-inch shaft and telescoping handle. The composite shaft is designed to be indestructible. This cool, quiet motor for kayaks can also be set to travel at five forward and three reverse speeds. Speed and direction are controlled even better with the tilt twist tiller that features an ergonomic grip. The lever lock bracket can resist the effects of warping, flexing and damage from UV light. 

Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Shaft – This premier kayak electric motor is simple to operate thanks largely to its 36-pound thrust and 30-inch shaft that is made of composite fiberglass. The motor’s stainless steel, zinc and magnesium hardware materials are compatible with saltwater and will not wear down easily. A bright 5-point LED battery display lets boaters see how much power is left in the motor’s battery. The motor also comes with a set of 10 4-foot AWG cables for the battery. 

Watersnake T18 ASP 18lb Thrust 12V Electric Trolling Motor – Complete with a 24-inch alloy shaft to travel through the toughest water conditions, this small trolling motor for kayak use is great for boaters who are looking for something that is more compact in size. The weedless design of the 2-blade propeller can move through underwater grass and other aquatic vegetation without getting caught. The mount features an anti-clip system. This white engine has also been coated to resist corrosion from saltwater. Strict testing has helped make this one of the most reliable trolling motors for kayaks on the market. 

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor Transom Mounted Motor – Available with 45, 55 or 86 pounds of thrust, this 8-speed motor can be used in both freshwater and seawater. The adjustable 6-inch handle allows smoother, more comfortable navigation. A propeller with three blades can move through underwater grass and marsh without a problem. The nylon bracket is reinforced for maximum strength and dependability. A fiberglass shaft that is connected to the motor is made to be durable and resistant to corrosion. An aluminum head has been added to increase the motor’s lifespan. Power level in the battery can be monitored with the 10-point LED light display. 

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some factors to consider that will make choosing the right kayak trolling motor easier: 

Materials – Stainless steel, magnesium, zinc and fiberglass are just some of the materials that are used to construct the best motors for kayak boats on the market. If kayaking is to be done on saltwater, it is especially important to have a motor that is made with corrosion-resistant material. 

Thrust – The thrust helps control the motor’s power and speed. A motor with a higher thrust level could provide more power but could drain the battery faster and may not be necessary for limited use. 

Mounting – Boaters who are inexperienced in using motors and are wondering how to mount a trolling motor on a kayak will usually do well with a transom mount setup. It is also possible to find universal and specially made kayak mounting setups. 

Shaft – To move a kayak across water, a durable shaft that extends beneath the water’s surface is needed. The best shafts are generally made of fiberglass or other composite materials. The propeller, which attaches to the shift, may come with two or three blades and should have the ability to move through underwater vegetation without jamming or stalling the motor. 

Battery Requirements and Features – Kayaks with trolling motors usually require 12-volt batteries, which often need to be purchased separately. It is also good to purchase a motor with an LED battery indicator that can clearly display how much power is left in the battery. 

A trolling motor on kayak watercraft can eliminate the hassle of having to paddle everywhere manually while out on the water. The best options on the market are built for long-term use and can be used whenever a helping hand is needed.