RV kayak rack is a product that many people are unfamiliar with. If you have an RV or boat, this article will help answer all of your questions about it! We’ll start by discussing who should be using this type of equipment and how to choose the right one for you. After that, we’ll cover installation instructions and common mistakes made during the process. Finally, we’ll give some tips on what to look for in each product review. By the end of this article, not only will you know everything there is to know about RV kayak racks but also feel prepared when making your purchase decision!

Kayak rack for RV is a device used to transport kayaks on vehicles. It can be attached to the roof, hitch, or rear of the vehicle and typically consists of two cradles that hold the kayaks in place. There are also versions that attach to trailer hitches.

RV kayak racks come in all shapes and sizes but generally serve one purpose: keeping your kayaks safe while you’re on the road. They provide a stable platform for transporting your boats and keep them from banging around inside your vehicle. This is especially important if you’re driving long distances since it prevents damage to both your kayaks and your vehicle.

Who needs the kayak rack for RV?

RV kayak racks are for anyone who wants to transport their boats. This can be a huge group of people! Here’s just some examples:

  • Kayakers who want extra space in their vehicle but don’t have enough room inside or on top (with roof rack)
  • Individuals with both an RV and boat looking for the best way to carry them together
  • People with trailers that need somewhere to put their kayaks while transporting other gear, like bikes or fishing poles
  • Folks living near popular paddling trails that would like easy access to water at all times without having multiple vehicles or trailers

If this sounds like you, then read our next section about choosing the right product so you’ll know exactly what features to look for.

Kayak racks for RVs

Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack

Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack

This is one of the most popular kayak racks on the market right now. It comes in two sizes, and it’s adjustable to fit either round or square tubing between 16-inch and 48-inch diameter.

It can be used for both single and tandem kayaks, so you don’t have to worry about getting a different rack if you go out with your partner often.

The installation process is quick and easy too! You just strap it around any type of tube that will hold up under pressure then tighten everything into place using an integrated ratcheting system .

You also get some bungee cords included with your purchase so you can keep all of your gear secure while traveling down the road. Though there are cheaper options available, the Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack is a great value for the money.

If you are looking for a quality kayak rack that will work with almost any RV, the Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack is an excellent option. It’s easy to install and can hold both single and tandem kayaks securely. Plus, it comes at a very reasonable price!

  • Adjustable to fit a variety of kayaks
  • Can be used for both single and tandem kayaks
  • Easy installation process
  • Comes with bungee cords for added security
  • May not be suitable for very large RVs
Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack for Pop-up Campers and Camper Shells

Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack for Pop-up Campers and Camper Shells

This RV kayak rack from Swagman is a great option for those who have pop-up campers or camper shells. It can hold up to two kayaks, and it’s designed to fit specific models of vehicles. The Roamer LT roof rack is made with a lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it easy to install and remove.

It also comes with a number of handy features, such as built-in tie-downs to keep your kayaks in place, and adjustable crossbars that give you a custom fit for your specific vehicle. Plus, the black powder coat finish will help to protect it from rust and corrosion.

If you are looking for an RV kayak rack that is specifically designed for pop-up campers or camper shells, the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack is a great option. It’s easy to install and comes with a number of handy features, like adjustable crossbars and built-in tie-downs. Plus, it has a black powder coat finish to help protect it from rust and corrosion.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Fits specific models of vehicles
  • Adjustable crossbars give you a custom fit for your vehicle
  • Built in tie downs keep kayaks securely fastened to the rack
  • None!
IKURAM Kayak Roof Carrier

IKURAM Kayak Roof Carrier

The IKURAM kayak roof carrier is a great option for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use RV kayak rack. The system consists of two J-shaped bars that clamp onto the crossbars of your vehicle, and it can hold up to two kayaks or canoes. Installation is simple, and the bars are adjustable to fit a variety of crossbar sizes.

It is designed with large hooks that can hold up to 65lbs each, and they have rubber padding on the inside so you don’t damage your kayaks or vehicle during transport. The J-shaped bars also feature built in locks for added security, which will help prevent theft when the rack isn’t being used.

The IKURAM Kayak Roof Carrier is an affordable option for those who want their RV kayak rack to be easy-to-use without sacrificing quality. This system has two J-shaped bars that clamp onto your car’s crossbars, allowing it to hold up to two kayaks at once. Installation is simple and quick, plus the bars are adjustable to fit a variety of crossbar sizes.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of crossbar sizes
  • Includes locks for security
  • May be too short for some cars/vehicles with taller roofs
AA Products Inc. X27 Roof Rack with Ladder Stoppers

AA Products Inc. X27 Roof Rack with Ladder Stoppers

The AA Products X27 Roof Rack is a solid option for those looking for an RV kayak rack with ladder stoppers. The system features two 12ft aluminum bars that extend between the front and back windows of your vehicle, which makes them great for holding multiple items or even ladders (if you need to use both at once).

They are designed to be easy-to-install without requiring any drilling, plus they come with rubber pads on the inside so it won’t damage your car while transporting. This roof rack can hold up to 100lbs in total across its 27 inches wide surface area – enough for a few kayaks and even ladders.

A roof rack is, of course, not without its problems – mainly that it can be dangerous to drive with items on your car in high speed situations (such as when you’re going around sharp corners or down hills). In addition, many people find them annoying because they reduce visibility while driving by covering up the windshield. There are also issues related to security – if someone tries hard enough they could steal all of your stuff from the rooftop!

  • Easy installation
  • No drilling required
  • Rubber pads protect car
  • Can hold up to 100lbs
  • Reduces visibility while driving
Rhino Rack Folding J-Style Kayak Carrier

Rhino Rack Folding J-Style Kayak Carrier

Rhino Rack’s folding J-Style kayak carrier is a great way to carry your kayaks. It fits flush against the back of the vehicle and it folds for storage, but one drawback is that you must remove the front wheel from each side first. Large pads on this rack securely hold any boat in place without scratching or marring its finish. You can also secure a second boat onto another Rhino Rack with their universal strap kit accessory (not included).

This product has been independently tested by an accredited testing lab as well as tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have put their trust into our company name over three decades now! In addition, we offer free shipping within Continental United States whenever possible so please mention this during checkout if you need your order within the next two days.

  • Fits most kayak sizes
  • Folds for storage
  • Free shipping within Continental US.
  • Must remove front wheel of each side first to fit carrier on vehicle.
JDM Auto Lights Two-Pair Universal Top Mount Carrier Roof Rack

JDM Auto Lights Two-Pair Universal Top Mount Carrier Roof Rack

This two-pair universal top mount carrier roof rack from JDM Auto Lights is a great way to transport your kayaks. It installs easily on most vehicles with crossbars and it can hold up to 165 pounds, which should be more than enough for even the biggest kayaks. You can also use it to carry other items, such as snowboards or skis if you want extra space for recreational gear.

This roof rack comes with everything needed to install and will fit any crossbars up to 48 inches wide, including round bars. It is designed to be aerodynamic so there are no loose straps that flap in the wind when driving at high speeds. The four-strap tie down system ensures you have a firm grip on your load while traveling over bumps and potholes without fear of anything falling off. Also includes locks for added security against theft during transport . Rubber padding protects kayak from scratches . High quality materials make this JDM Auto Lights two pair top mount carrier roof rack ideal for carrying loads around your home, whether it be on an RV or a truck. The rubber padding helps protect the kayak from damage and scratches during transport.

  • Easy installation
  • Can hold up to 165 pounds
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Four strap tie down system
  • Locks included for security
  • May not fit all crossbars
TMS J-Bar HD Kayak Carrier

TMS J-Bar HD Kayak Carrier

The J-Bar HD Kayak Carrier Rack from TMS is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable RV kayak rack. It installs easily on most roofs with crossbars and can hold up to 132 pounds, which is more than enough for most kayaks. This roof rack also includes a tie down system to keep your kayak securely in place while driving, as well as locks to help prevent theft.

Made with high quality materials, the TMS J-Bar HD Kayak Carrier Rack is durable and long lasting. The corrosion resistant finish ensures that it will stay looking great even after years of use . It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty , so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to install and remove with no tools required .
  • 132 pounds weight capacity per set, more than enough for most kayaks.
  • None

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Kayak Carrier

Rack Capacity

The capacity of a kayak rack is how many boats it can hold at one time. This number will vary depending on the size and weight of your kayaks, so you’ll need to do some research to find the right one for you. If you only have one or two small kayaks, most racks will be able to accommodate them. However, if you have multiple large kayaks or are looking to transport other gear as well, make sure the rack has a high capacity.

Some RV kayak racks come with extensions that increase their carrying capacity. Others have adjustable cradles that can be widened or narrowed to fit different-sized boats. Be sure to look for these features if you think you might want them in the future.

Size of Kayaks

The size of the kayaks you carry will also affect what rack is right for your needs. If all of your boats are small enough to fit on a standard-sized carrier, then this part shouldn’t be an issue. However, if any one of them is too long or heavy (for example, sit-on-tops or sea kayaks), it’s important that you purchase a rack with adjustable cradles so that they can securely hold these types of craft safely.

All other things being equal between two different racks, choose the ones with wider cradle spacing to accommodate larger vessels and vice versa . Just keep in mind that some products offer more adjustment than others so don’t assume anything about their capacity based solely on width alone!

Number of kayaks being carried at once

This is pretty straightforward – if you only have one kayak, then you only need one rack. However, if you have multiple boats, be sure to purchase a rack that can hold them all at once. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Some racks come with add-on capacity so that you can increase its carrying potential as your fleet grows. Others feature interchangeable cradles so that you can carry different types or sizes of boats without having to buy an entirely new system. Be sure to check these features before making your decision!

Towing a trailer or other cargo on the back of your vehicle

If you’re towing a trailer or have other gear mounted on the back of your vehicle, it’s important that the kayak rack can still be used. This is usually not a problem as most racks are designed to attach either to the roof or hitch of your RV. However, some do require removal before using a tow bar so be sure to read the product specifications carefully.

Similarly, if you plan on transporting your kayaks inside your RV (instead of on top), make sure there is enough space in the garage or storage area for both the boats and the rack itself. Again, this information should be readily available on manufacturer websites or product packaging.

Vehicle type and model you're driving (ex. truck, SUV)

Not all kayak racks are designed for every type of vehicle. If you have a truck, for example, you’ll need to purchase a rack that’s compatible with that particular make and model. The same is true for SUVs, vans, and other types of vehicles.

There are many different RV kayak racks on the market so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. By taking into account the factors mentioned in this article, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs!

Rack Accessories

Finally, there are a few optional accessories that you might want to consider when purchasing a kayak rack. These include things like locks to keep your boats safe and secure while they’re being transported, as well as lights or flagpoles to make them more visible at night or in bad weather.

Again, these are all extras that not every rack comes with so be sure to check the product specifications before making your decision. And if you have any questions about which accessories would be best for you, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer directly!

Benefits of buying a kayak rack for RV

There are many benefits to owning a kayak rack for your RV. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • You can take your kayaks with you wherever you go. This is a great way to get out and enjoy nature, without having to worry about finding a place to put your kayaks when you’re done.
  • It’s easier to transport your kayaks this way. Instead of having to carry them by hand or load them into your vehicle separately, you can just put them on the rack and go.
  • It’s more secure than transporting them in other ways. When they’re strapped down properly, there’s less chance of them getting damaged in transit.
  • A kayak rack also provides extra storage space. If you have more than one kayak, this is a great way to keep them all together in one place so they don’t get lost or damaged.
  • Your kayaks are less likely to fall over when strapped down on the rack. This eliminates the risk of having your boats take any damage from falling over while driving around with them attached
  • It’s easier to access your gear if it’s stored up off the ground like this, which makes loading and unloading much simpler
  • You can reduce wind resistance by putting your kayaks on top of the vehicle instead of underneath it where they’ll just create drag that slows you down .
  • It’s also safer than having your kayaks stored inside your vehicle. There are times when you may need to take a quick detour, and if that means going into unfamiliar areas, it can be very dangerous for your gear to be rolling around in the back of the car or truck just waiting to get damaged.

Tips for installing and using the kayak rack for RV

  • Be sure to measure your available roof space before purchasing a kayak rack.
  • When installing the J-Bar, put it on the cross bars and then pull up hard . It should click into place and be secure. Do not try to force it by slamming down – you risk breaking the bar or releasing one of your boat’s straps from around its hull.
  • To release each strap, insert two fingers under each loop in order to lift them clear of their catch points. You can then easily undo them using just one hand with no tugging required . Releasing these is much easier when everything has been tightened properly beforehand
  • If you have an AC unit installed on top of your RV , make sure that there are at least four inches between it and the J-Bar. If not, you may have trouble sliding your kayak on to the top surface without catching its edge in some way .
  • If you have a heavy kayak , it’s best to put the bow in first . Otherwise, your weight may cause your entire boat to tip backwards when trying to lift one end onto the J-Bar.
  • When loading or unloading, always pull back on the kayak rack arm rather than pushing forward

Frequently asked questions

Does the kayak rack require assembly?

Yes, but it’s very quick and easy to do. You should only need a screwdriver if you want to install your own locks onto it. If not, there are plastic loops available instead.

Can I leave my kayaks on top of my RV without fear that they will fall off when driving down bumpy roads?

That depends on how well you have tightened all four straps around each hull – look for the ones at either end as well as those underneath 。If any part has slipped or moved even slightly , check them by pulling back hard until everything is tight again. While this may seem excessive given their relatively light, these watercraft can still do some damage if they fall off

Will the kayak rack fit my RV?

It’s important to measure the available roof space before making your purchase, as not all racks are universally compatible. The J-Bar style is one of the most popular and versatile though

Can I use my kayaks for fishing?

There are no guarantees that any particular kayak will be suited for this purpose, but many people have had success using them in this way. You may want to consider a model that has additional features, such as rod holders or storage compartments , if you plan on doing a lot of fishing from your RV .


You may have heard about kayaking and how it’s a great way to get outside, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors. With that in mind, you might be interested in getting your own kayak for recreational purposes or as a means of exercise. If so, one thing you should consider is buying an RV kayak carrier which allows you to carry your kayaks on top of your vehicle with ease. We hope this blog post has been helpful as we review what makes up a good RV Kayak Carrier and some benefits associated with them before sharing our favorite models from leading brands available today!