Kayaks are great for fishing, but they can be difficult to transport to the water. The kayak rack for truck is an easy way to avoid this problem. There are many different types of kayak racks out there, so it’s important that you do your research before buying one. This article will walk you through some common questions and provide product reviews and tips on how to choose the best kayak rack for your needs!

Kayak Racks For Trucks is  a type of rack system that is installed on the roof of a vehicle and designed to hold one or more kayaks in place while you are driving. The racks typically use two saddles shaped like J-hooks to clamp onto the kayak’s gunnels, and then straps or ropes attached to the front and back of the vehicle secure the boat in place.

Kayak Racks For Trucks works is by clamping two saddles on the kayaks and securing it to both front and back of the vehicle.

The main advantage is that  the installation process takes less than an hour, is completely tool-free, has no permanent effect on your car’s exterior (no damage from drilling), and does not require any additional equipment such as a roof rack or crossbars. In addition , most kayak racks can be removed in just a few minutes so you won’t have to worry about forgetting them at home when you go out for a drive!

Kayak Racks For Trucks Reviewed

Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Bed Extender

Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Bed Extender

The Lund Hitch Mounted Bed Extender is one of the more popular options on the market, which attaches directly onto your truck’s hitch receiver.

One thing to note about this model is that it can only be used with standard size trucks (two inch receivers) and may not work so well on longer beds or larger trucks. However if you have a smaller vehicle then this might be worth considering. The maximum weight capacity for these models is 250 pounds – making them suitable for most kayaks available today. And they also come in three different sizes: 79 inches long, 97 inches long, and 114 inches long – depending on what type of bed extenders are needed.

If you’re looking for a kayak rack that attaches right to your own truck, check out the following review of the best models available on the market today.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can fit between the wheel wells of most vehicles
  • Has two sets of brackets for kayaks with or without a center fin
  • Does not come with straps so you will need to purchase them separately
Darby Industries 944 Extend-a-Truck

Darby Industries 944 Extend-a-Truck

The Darby Industries kayak rack is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable and reliable option. This rack can hold up to four kayaks, making it perfect for larger families or groups of friends. The adjustable arms make it easy to fit a variety of different-sized kayaks, and the built-in tie-downs ensure that your kayaks will be safe and secure while you are on the road.

This kayak rack can be installed or removed in a matter of minutes and is perfect for smaller trucks with shorter beds. It has an average weight limit of 75 pounds, which should be more than enough to carry most single kayaks on the market today. And like most other models it also comes with its own set of straps that you simply have to attach on the front of your truck bed and then tighten it down.

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Not compatible with every truck bed.
AA-Racks APX25-E

AA-Racks APX25-E

The AA-Racks APX25-EZ Deluxe Kayak Rack is a great option for those looking for an affordable and easy to use kayak rack. This rack can hold up to two kayaks and is made from heavy duty steel. Installation is a breeze, with no drilling required – all you have to do is attach the rack with a set of included straps and your kayak will be held securely in place.

The APX25-EZ can hold up to 75 pounds, making it perfect for smaller boats on the market today – there are no weight restrictions here, but if you have anything larger than this we recommend going for another rack option.

The only downside to this rack is that it doesn’t come with a cover, so if you are looking for one of those you will have to purchase that separately. But overall, the AA-Racks APX25-EZ Deluxe Kayak Rack is a great choice for those on a budget or who are looking for an easy installation.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install with no drilling required
  • No cover included for kayak protection when transporting.
The Kayak Wing

The Kayak Wing

The Kayak Wing is a great option for those looking for a kayak rack that can hold more than one boat. This rack can hold up to three kayaks at once and comes with a built-in cover, making it perfect for transportation. Installation is simple – all you have to do is attach the wings to your vehicle with the included straps and you are good to go.

This rack also comes with an adjustable strap system, meaning that it will fit most trucks or SUVs on the market today. The Kayak Wing can also support up to 150 pounds, so whether you are looking to transport one or two kayaks at a time, this rack has got you covered.

If your main priority is transporting more than just one boat with ease and convenience then the Kayak Wing may be for you. It offers some great features while staying within most budgets as well.

  • Holds up to three kayaks
  • Comes with a built-in cover
  • Adjustable strap system fits most trucks or SUVs
  • Supports up to 150 pounds
  • May be difficult to install on smaller vehicles
AA-Racks X35-W

AA-Racks X35-W

The AA-Racks X35-W is a great option for those looking for an affordable kayak rack that can hold one or two boats. This rack is made from high quality materials and installs easily, making it perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution.

This rack also comes with a built in tie down system, meaning that you can safely transport your kayaks without having to worry about them slipping or becoming damaged. The X35-W can also be adjusted to fit most vehicles on the market today.

This rack is perfect for those looking to get started kayak fishing or kayaking, as it’s relatively inexpensive and installs easily. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This makes it great value for money!

  • Can be adjusted to fit different vehicles.
  • High quality materials used for construction.
  • Comes with a tie down system that prevents kayaks from moving or slipping while being transported.
  • Doesn’t hold many boats at once
TMS Adjustable Utility Rack

TMS Adjustable Utility Rack

The TMS adjustable utility rack for truck bed is another simple model that can be used with any type of vehicle. It has all the necessary features to provide the best portability and security, while also being extremely easy to install by yourself in just a few minutes.

This truck rack is made from heavy duty steel, which makes it incredibly durable and long lasting. It can handle weight up to 500 pounds without any problems, while the foam padding on the bars protects your kayaks for scratches or other damages. The system also comes with a tie down strap so that you have everything needed in order to transport your kayaks safely.

The best part about this kayak rack for truck is that it can be adjusted to fit any size truck bed, making it a perfect option for anyone. It also folds down when not in use, so you can easily store it away without taking up too much space.

  • Can be adjusted to fit any size truck bed
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 500 pound weight capacity
  • May be difficult to install for some people
Leader Accessories Kayak Rack

Leader Accessories Kayak Rack

The Leader Accessories Kayak Rack is a great option for those looking for an affordable and reliable kayak rack. This rack can hold up to two kayaks, making it perfect for families or groups of friends. The adjustable arms make it easy to fit any size kayak, while the built-in security strap ensures that your kayaks will be safe and secure while on the rack.

This kayak rack is made from heavy duty steel, so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. It also has a black powder coat finish, which helps to protect it from rust and other damages. The Leader Accessories Kayak Rack is a great option for those looking for a durable and affordable kayak rack.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install, including tool-free installation
  • Fits almost any size kayak
  • None!
Thule Xsporter Pro

Thule Xsporter Pro

If you are looking for a high-quality kayak rack that will last for years, the Thule Xsporter Pro Kayak Rack is a great option. This rack is made from heavy duty aluminum and can hold up to three kayaks at once. It also has adjustable arms, which makes it easy to fit any size vehicle and is very easy to install.

The Thule Xsporter Pro Kayak Rack has a weight capacity of 165 pounds, which means that it can hold most kayaks with ease. It comes pre-assembled in the box so you won’t have any trouble putting it together either. This rack also folds down when not in use for added convenience and durability since there’s no moving parts to wear out or break over time. All in all, this high quality kayak rack will last a long time if taken care of properly and provides excellent performance every single day on the road!

  • Made from heavy duty aluminum
  • Can hold up to three kayaks at once
  • Adjustable arms for a perfect fit on any size vehicle
  • Preassembled in the box, easy to install
  • Folds down when not in use for convenience and durability
  • None that we could find!
MaxxHaul 70423 Aluminum

MaxxHaul 70423 Aluminum

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Thule Xsporter Pro, we would definitely recommend checking out this aluminum cargo carrier from MaxxHaul. It has a weight capacity of 165 pounds just like the kayak rack above and can hold up to three kayaks at once as well! This is another great option that is easy to assemble and install.

One thing that we really love about this carrier is that it comes with a tilting option, which makes it super easy to get your kayaks on and off the rack. It also has a built-in ramp so you don’t have to lift your boats over the side of the carrier – definitely a plus.

The only downside to this carrier is that it doesn’t have any locks, which could be a concern if you are leaving your kayaks unattended for long periods of time. Overall, we think this is a great option and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable kayak rack for their truck!

  • Affordable
  • Holds up to three kayaks
  • Tilting option for easy loading and unloading
  • Built-in ramp
  • No locks included
Thule 997 Goal Post

Thule 997 Goal Post

The Goal post is only compatible with other Thule products for compatibility. However, it can hold up to 200 pounds or 110 kilograms of weight. This means that you easily get away with loading one kayak onto this rack system while also carrying your SUP. The aluminum and steel construction means that the Goal Post is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your investment will be a wise one.

The system installs onto your truck in just minutes without any drilling required. It also features an easy-to-use locking system to keep your kayaks safe while you are on the go. Plus, it has been crash tested so you can feel confident knowing that it can handle whatever comes its way.

  • Easily compatible with other Thule products
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Only works well on trucks that are hard top or fiberglass

How To Choose The Best Kayak Racks For Truck:A Buying Guide

Types of Rack for a Truck
  • “Roof Rack” Style Bars

This type of bar is usually made out of aluminum or steel. They are mounted over the roof and primarily used to carry long items, such as skis, surfboards, paddles boards etc. These bars can be attached by clamping them onto your side rails for trucks equipped with factory racks (most new vehicles) or directly into your truck bed’s rail system if you have aftermarket installed (some older models).

  • Truck Bed Rails Rack

This type of rack is installed in your truck bed and uses the built-in rail system as its base. The rack will have legs or feet that fit into these rails, providing a stable foundation for transporting your kayaks. These racks are available with or without a canopy/cover, depending on your needs.

There are also different types of attachments that can be used to secure the kayaks onto the rack itself. Most common are tie-downs (either ratchet straps or cam buckle straps) but you can also get cradle systems which hold the kayak by its hull and help prevent any damage during transport.

  • Hybrid Approach

There is also a hybrid approach that can be taken when looking for a kayak rack for your truck. This would involve using a roof rack style system, with the addition of truck bed rails. The roof rack would provide the added stability and strength needed to transport multiple kayaks, while the truck bed rails would give you the option to use a cover/canopy if needed (or desired).

  • Bed Extension Receiver Rack

If you are looking for a rack system that will make use of your truck’s built-in rail system, this is an excellent choice. It can hold up to three kayaks and uses the bed rails as its foundation (the feet/legs attach directly into these rails). This type of design provides more security than most other racks on the market because it actually has direct contact with the sides of your vehicle.

Speaking of security, there are also adjustable locking straps included in this package which give you total control over how tightly you want to secure each kayak onto the rack itself. There is even enough room between bars so larger accessories such as fishing rods or paddles can be slid through without any issues.

Rack Types

When looking to buy a kayak rack for your truck, there are three basic types to choose from: roof rack style bars, truck bed rails racks and hybrid systems.

Each type has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important that you understand what each one offers before making your decision. For example, a roof rack is great if you want the option to carry other items on top of your kayaks (such as bikes or luggage), but might not be the best choice if you need a cover/canopy for inclement weather.

Lumber-Style Racks

These types of racks are designed to hold any type of kayak (sit inside or sit on top). They usually consist of sturdy metal bars that slide into your truck’s bed rails. These work great for most models, but older trucks may not have the right kind of rail system in place and these can also be difficult to install unless you use model specific bolts/hardware.

Roof-Mounted Racks

These racks are the most popular type and can be used for carrying a variety of items on top of your vehicle. They clamp onto (or bolt into) your car’s roof rack system and use two or four bars to secure the kayaks in place.

The nice thing about this style is that it gives you the option to transport other items on top of your kayaks, such as luggage or a bicycle. The downside is that they can be difficult to install/use if you don’t have a pre-existing roof rack system installed on your vehicle.

Bed Extenders

If you have a truck with a long bed, then you might want to consider getting a bed extension rack. This attaches directly onto your truck’s bed rails and gives you the added length needed to transport multiple kayaks at once.

Just like the lumber-style racks, these use adjustable tie-downs (either ratchet straps or cam buckle straps) to keep the kayaks in place during transport. One thing to note is that not all trucks will have bed rails installed on them from the factory, so it’s important to double check before making your purchase.

Weight Capacity

One of the most important things to look for when shopping around is how much weight these racks can handle. Since kayaks are not all the same size, this will vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer.

For example, some truck bed extenders/lumber-style models only have a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds (which would be fine if you’re looking at carrying one or two kayaks). But others might be able to hold up 250 pounds worth of cargo without any issues – making them more suitable for larger boats that weigh more.

Load Capacity

The load capacity is the maximum combined weight of the kayaks and any gear you might be carrying with it. This number is usually found in the product specifications and is something you’ll want to keep in mind when making your purchase.

For example, if you have a roof-mounted rack system that can hold up to 200 pounds, but only have two 125 pound kayaks – then you’re going to be overloading your rack and run the risk of damage during transport.

Materials and Safety

When looking at different kayak rack models, it’s important to pay attention to the materials used in construction. Some cheaper racks might be made from flimsy materials that could break or bend during transport – which could potentially damage your car or kayaks.

Instead, look for a model that is built with sturdy metals (such as aluminum) and has a robust design. This will help ensure that your rack can handle the stresses of being on the road.

Additionally, most good quality racks will also come with safety features such as padding or cradles to protect your boats during transport. Make sure to check out these features before making your purchase.

Kayak Rack Accessories

There are a number of different kayak rack accessories available on the market, which can help make transporting your boats even easier.

Some popular options include:

  • Kayak stackers/transporting aids – these devices strap onto the side of your kayaks and makes it easy to carry them around (especially if they’re heavy)
  • Wheeled carts – these attach to the front or back of your kayaks and allow you to easily wheel them around without having to lift them
  • Roof transport bags – these are large sacks that fit over the entire kayak and keep it protected during transport. This is a great option if you don’t have a roof rack system installed on your car.

Benefits of Using Kayak Racks For Trucks

There are many benefits to using a kayak rack for your truck. Some of these include:

  • Ease of use

As mentioned before, the installation process is quick and easy, and most racks can be removed in just a few minutes. This makes it perfect for people who don’t want to hassle with roof racks or dealing with a storage rack taking up valuable space in the garage.

  • Simple to mount kayaks

A kayak is not exactly light, and having an easy way of mounting your boat can save you lots of time and energy. Most racks have saddles that easily hook over the gunnels without any tools needed for installation. In addition , many models offer straps or ropes on both sides to help secure the kayak from tipping during travel .  This will give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle won’t be damaged even if you hit rough terrain!

  • Versatility

Some truck owners regard their vehicles as mobile garages, so they use it for much more than just driving around town. A common example includes using a pickup truck bed as a temporary workshop. If you fall into this category, a kayak rack can come in handy because it will free up the bed of your truck for other activities.

  • Safety

Unlike tying down a kayak to the roof of your car with rope or bungee cords, using a kayak rack ensures that the kayaks is held in place and won’t bounce around during transport. This significantly reduces the chances of the boat becoming damaged during transit.

Tips for Using Kayak Racks For Trucks

  • Use straps to tie down the kayak. This will help keep your boat in place while you are traveling, even on bumpy roads.
  • If possible, take your kayaks out of their carriers when not in use or when transporting them for a long time (such as over night). The carrier can cause pressure points and damage parts of the boat that it is resting against.
  • When using more than one kayak rack for trucks at once, make sure they are compatible with each other. Not all racks work well together because some have different styles or sizes that do not connect easily with another brand’s products .
  • Make sure that there is enough space between where you load your kayaking gear into the truck bed so there isn’t any contact between the kayaks and the gear. This will prevent wear and tear on your boat as well as accidental damage to other items in the back of your truck.
  • If you are using a rack that sits on top of your cab, make sure it is secured properly so it doesn’t blow off while driving. You don’t want to lose your kayak (or have it fly into oncoming traffic) because you didn’t take the time to properly set up your rack.


How many kayak racks for trucks should I get?

Each brand and model of rack is a little different. It depends on how much space you have in your truck bed, what kind of kayaks you are going to carry, the weight capacity of your vehicle’s roof or bed , etc. Make sure that any rack will fit well with all other gear you plan to put inside the back of your car so there isn’t too much excess room between items .

What size vehicles can these racks be used for?

This varies depending on which product line we’re talking about but most brands offer options that work with small cars up through full-sized pickups 。 Some models may not be compatible with certain types/sizes of trucks, so be sure to double-check the measurements before purchasing.

What type of kayaks can these racks hold?

Again, this varies from product to product but typically most brands have carriers that will work with either recreational or sea kayaks . There are also some models that can accommodate stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) as well.

Can I use my kayak rack for truck when offroading or driving in bad weather conditions?

It is not recommended to take your kayaks out on rough roads or during high winds without proper securing measures in place. The motion and jarring from the wind and terrain could easily cause your boat to come loose from the rack and fall off the back of your truck.

Can I use kayak racks for trucks on my SUV or minivan?

These products are typically designed to be used only with full-sized pickup trucks but there may be some options available that can work with smaller SUVs (such as a small rooftop model).


Kayak racks for trucks are a highly effective way to transport your kayaks, canoes or other watercraft. They allow you to carry more than one boat safely and securely without having to worry about damaging them with straps or ropes. The best place to find out which type of rack is the right fit for your needs is on our website! We have reviews that will help you make an informed decision as well as tips on how to use it effectively once you purchase it.