What are the best fishing kayaks, and how do you know which one is right for you? This article will answer these questions with product reviews of some of the top fishing kayaks on the market. We’ll also cover some other options that are available to you.

Jackson fishing kayaks Types

There are many different types of fishing kayaks on the market. The best one for you will depend on your specific preferences and needs, so it’s important to consider all of your options before making a decision. Here is a list of some common Jackson fishing kayaks:

  • Rudderless Fishing Kayak  

A rudderless boat has no steering mechanism, which can make them more difficult to use when compared with other models. However, they tend to be very stable because they have a wider base than most models in this category. That means that even if you’re just starting out in a kayak, you’ll generally feel comfortable while you’re paddling around the water. You may also find that these boats track well – or move in a straight line – which can be an important feature if you’re fishing in open water.

  • Windsurfing Kayaks  

If you’re looking for a kayak that is versatile and can do more than just fish, then a windsurfing kayak may be the perfect option for you. These boats are designed to allow you to surf on the waves and even perform tricks like jumps and turns. They often have a shorter length than other models, which makes them easier to control. However, they also tend to be less stable, so it’s important to keep that in mind before making your purchase.

  • Recreational Kayaks  

Recreational kayaks are some of most popular options on the market because they are versatile and can be used for a variety of activities. They are typically designed with stability in mind, which makes them a good choice for beginners. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs.

  • Touring Kayaks

If you’re looking for a kayak that will allow you to explore the open water, then a touring kayak may be the best option for you. These boats are often longer than other models, which gives them more speed and allows them to cover greater distances. However, they can also be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Jackson Fishing Kayaks Reviewed

Jackson Kayak Kilory Angler

Jackson Kayak Kilory Angler


The Jackson Kayak Kilory Angler Fishing kayak is a 12-foot model that’s perfect for both experienced and beginner anglers alike. It comes with all of the features you need to get started including two flush mount rod holders, a large storage hatch in the rear, and a comfortable seat with an adjustable backrest.

The Kilory Angler is also designed with stability and maneuverability in mind, making it easy to get around on the water. And if you’re looking for a kayak that can handle a little bit of everything, the Bite Angler is a great option. It’s capable of both fishing and recreational paddling, so you can use it for all sorts of activities.

Overall, the Jackson Kayak Kilory Angler is a well-rounded kayak that’s perfect for anyone who wants an affordable and versatile option.

  • Stable and easy to maneuver
  • Affordable
  • Great for both fishing and recreational paddling
  • May be a bit too small for some anglers
Jackson Kayak Bite FD

Jackson Kayak Bite FD

The Jackson Kayak Bite FD is a 13-foot model that has some significant upgrades over the original Bite Angler. It’s slightly longer, which gives it more speed and tracking power, but also makes it less stable. This kayak isn’t recommended for beginners since its stability rating is lower than most other models on this list.

However, what the Bite FD lacks in stability it makes up for with maneuverability. Its sleek design allows you to glide through tough vegetation easily so you can explore places others wouldn’t think of going while still being able to get back out again without too much trouble.

What really sets the Jackson Kayak apart from other fishing kayaks though are all of its features including two flush mount rod holders, an anchor trolley system, and a variety of storage options. You also have the option to add on a rudder for even more control in windy or busy waters.

  • Very sleek and fast design
  • Plenty of fishing features
  • Anchor trolley system is a nice touch
  • Not as stable as other models
Jackson Kayak Coosa FD

Jackson Kayak Coosa FD

The Jackson Kayak Coosa FD is a 12-foot kayak designed for both calm rivers and choppy seas. This model has plenty of space in the cockpit area plus its bow storage can fit an entire set up with ease (minus your fishing rod). It also comes standard with two flush mount rod holders, one anchor trolley system, front hatch that’s waterproofed, scupper holes to drain water from the hull when you’re out on big waters, molded foot rest areas so your feet don’t go numb while you’re giving it all you’ve got paddling upstream against strong currents or downstream at breakneck speeds.

The Jackson Kayak Coosa FD is stable and tracks straight as an arrow, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a kayak that can do it all. The only downside to this model is its price tag – but you definitely get what you pay for with the Jackson Kayak Coosa FD.

  • Stable
  • Tracks straight
  • Plenty of space in the cockpit area
  • Bow storage can fit an entire set up with ease
  • Price tag is a bit high compared to other models on the market
Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

The Jackson Kayak Coosa HD is a great fishing kayak for both beginner and experienced anglers. It’s 12 feet long, has a capacity of 350 pounds, and comes with a variety of features that make it perfect for fishing. The Coosa HD has two rod holders, a large tank well, and an impressive number of storage options.

The Coosa HD is a great option for anglers looking to do some fishing in both calm waters and choppy seas alike. You can rest easy knowing that your kayak will hold up well no matter where you take it. This model does track slightly less straight than other Jackson Kayaks, but its weight makes up for any loss of stability. It’s also quite heavy at 65 pounds so paddling may be challenging if you’re not used to the workout needed when using such a large kayak on rough water – however this simply comes down to preference rather than anything else!

  • Great beginner/experienced design
  • Large tank well and storage options make it perfect for everything from bass fishing or trout fishing to fishing for redfish or even white bass
  • Tracks well in rough waters – stability is not an issue due to the weight of this kayak (heavy)
  • May be difficult for beginners/intermediaries to paddle due to its size and weight, but it can simply come down to preference.
Jackson Kayak TakeTwo

Jackson Kayak TakeTwo

Jackson Kayak Take Two is a sit-on kayak model with an interesting, modern design. It will definitely make you stand out on the water! The manufacturer claims it’s easy to maneuver and turns very fast – which may be true if you are only comparing this kayak to others in its price range. It is also a very light kayak, weighing in at only 43 pounds.

This model tracks well and offers great stability, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced anglers. The Take Two has two flush mount rod holders as well as one swivel rod holder, so you have plenty of options when it comes to where you want to fish from. It also has a large storage hatch in the front of the kayak that’s perfect for stowing all of your gear.

  • Lightweight – easy to transport
  • Great tracking and stability
  • Two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder
  • Some customers complain about poor quality control
Jackson Kayak YuPIK

Jackson Kayak YuPIK

Jackson fishing kayaks are a new generation of watercraft. They’re outfitted with features that make them more stable and easy to use while still being lightweight enough for one person to carry, whether it’s up a trail or down the bank of your favorite river. A jackson kayak is almost always made with a sit-on-top design that keeps you dry and in control.

You’ll find models with all the bells and whistles or stripped down for the purest form of angling, but each kayak is fitted with comfortable seating, molded storage areas, and multiple mounting points for rods and other gear.

Jackson kayaks come in a variety of lengths, styles and capacities. You can choose from models as small as seven feet long up to 16 feet or more for some jumbo anglers who prefer fishing alone on large bodies of water.

  • Jackson fishing kayaks are stable and easy to use
  • They come with a variety of features, from molded storage to comfortable seating
  • You can find models in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Some people may find them more expensive than other brands
  • The longer models can be harder to transport and store
Jackson Kayak Kilroy

Jackson Kayak Kilroy

The Jackson Kayak Kilroy is a versatile sit-on-top fishing kayak that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. It comes equipped with all the features you need to make your next fishing trip a success, including a comfortable seat, plenty of storage space, and an impressive array of accessories. If you’re looking for a jackson kayak that can handle just about any type of water, this is the one.

This kayak handles incredibly well in all conditions, whether it’s flat or choppy waters or rivers and lakes with strong currents. A large cockpit opening allows you to easily slip into your seat without losing balance , while an adjustable foot brace lets you customize your seating position so there are no pressure points . This gives you maximum control over both steering and maneuvering which makes fishing more enjoyable than ever before.

The Kilroy comes equipped with two flush mount rod holders on each side of its bow section letting you grab them instantly when needed . There are also several molded- D-rings throughout the bow and stern of the kayak that are perfect for tying down your gear. A large scupper hole in the middle console can be used to attach a fish finder and is also just the right size to fit an anchor.

  • Great for fishing in all types of waters.
  • Comfortable seating position with adjustable foot braces.
  • Doesn’t include a fish finder or anchor.
Jackson Kayak RockStar V


The Jackson Kayak RockStar V is the perfect choice for anglers who want a kayak that can handle any type of fishing situation. It’s designed with a wide and stable hull that gives you maximum stability in choppy or windy waters, while its sharp bow and stern provide extra speed and maneuverability when you need it most. This kayak is also loaded with features that make fishing easier than ever before, including two flush mount rod holders, multiple storage compartments, and an adjustable seat that lets you customize your seating position.

The RockStar V is one of the few kayaks on the market today that comes equipped with a rudder system . The rudder can be easily controlled from either side of the kayak, making it perfect for tracking in a straight line or quickly turning to chase down that big fish. If you’re looking for a kayak that can do it all, the Jackson RockStar V is definitely worth considering.

  • Can be used in both calm and rough waters
  • Equipped with a rudder system for easy turning and tracking
  • Offers lots of fishing space
  • A bit pricey compared to other kayaks on the market today.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Jackson Fishing Kayak

Seating Options

Jackson fishing kayaks typically come with adjustable seats that can move up and down to accommodate different size users. However, you should still think about your own height when looking for a model to purchase so it will be comfortable for use over a longer period of time.

Many models also come with built-in leg room which gives the user even more control over their kayak experience – plus it allows them to maintain better balance since they won’t need as much knee support in order to stay steady while sitting inside the boat itself. You may want to look into this feature if you’re going on long trips or plan on using your Jackson fishing kayak for touring purposes instead because having extra space can make paddling easier in the long run.

Storage Space

Since kayaks are often used for fishing, it’s important to find a model that has enough storage space on board to accommodate all of your gear. This can include anything from tackle boxes and nets to food and drinks for the day. Some Jackson fishing kayaks come with built-in dry storage compartments that are watertight so you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe and dry even if they’re accidentally submerged in the water.

Jackson Kayak Accessories

Jackson fishing kayaks are highly customizable options, which means that there are tons of accessories on the market to choose from depending on your individual needs. For example, if you plan on using yours for camping or overnight trips then it may be a good idea to invest in an anchor system so you can secure yourself in place while staying safe – particularly when sleeping at night time is involved.

If you’re interested in getting even more out of your model than what’s already provided through its default design, then look into purchasing one with seat backs and paddle clips instead since these features will keep paddlers comfortable throughout their journey without too many extra hassles along the way.


The price of a Jackson fishing kayak can vary depending on the model that you choose. However, most are priced similarly to other high-quality kayaks on the market so you shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to get one for yourself. If you’re looking for a good deal, then be sure to check out online retailers like Amazon where you can sometimes find discounts or sale prices on select models.

Weight Capacity

You should also consider your weight capacity before purchasing a Jackson fishing kayak since each model has its own recommended weight maximum. For example, the Clearwater 100 is able to hold up to 400 lbs while the Outfitter series can support as much as 500 lbs.

This not only ensures that you’ll be safe from tipping over if you exceed your limit but it can also give you peace of mind when bringing more than one person with you on board at once – especially depending on how far out into the water they need to travel in order to find fish or other types of wildlife along their route.

Length of the Kayak

Along with weight capacity, you’ll also want to look at the length of your kayak. This is another important factor that can impact how stable it feels when in use and whether or not you have enough space inside for a comfortable seating experience throughout the entire trip itself.

The shorter models tend to be more agile, which means they may turn easier during sharp turns but this could become a problem if too much pressure is needed on one side in order to complete these maneuvers safely – particularly when waves from other boats are coming into contact with your kayak unexpectedly without prior warning.

Advantages of Jackson fishing kayaks

  • They’re Stable:

When you’re sitting in one of these boats, you’ll notice that they feel very stable compared with other models. That’s because their wider base helps them maintain stability even if your weight isn’t perfectly centered over the boat itself. This can be an important feature for beginners who aren’t used to being inside a kayak before since it makes them less likely to tip over or fall into the water accidentally. On top of that, this design can make it easier to fish since you don’t have to worry about flipping the boat over.

  • They’re Easy To Transport:

This is another type of kayak that doesn’t require a lot of effort when it comes to transportation. They are often shorter than other models, which means that they can easily fit in your car even if you don’t have an additional rack installed on top for transport purposes – although some people do choose to purchase one separately as well. Plus, their lower weight makes them easy to carry wherever you need them. If you’ll be taking them apart before transporting them or storing them away during the off-season, then this won’t be an issue either because most will break down into smaller parts so there isn’t too much bulk to deal with.

  • They’re Versatile:

If you have a lot of different hobbies or activities that you enjoy, then it’s important for your kayak to be able to accommodate them all. One way that Jackson fishing kayaks do this is by being extremely versatile so they can be used in any number of ways. For example, some people use these boats as windsurfing models because their length makes them fast and easy to control – even if the waves are choppy. Plus, many find that they work well for touring purposes since they can travel long distances quickly without tiring out the paddler too much along the way. They also make great recreational options for those who want an enjoyable day at the lake or river but don’t want to deal with the mess of having a motorboat.

  • They’re Sturdy:

While most kayaks are made from very lightweight materials, Jackson fishing kayaks tend to be built with sturdier materials like rotomolded plastic or fiberglass. This makes them stronger and more durable than other models on the market since they can easily handle any rocks that you might run into along your journey. Plus, this type of design doesn’t crack as quickly if it falls onto hard surfaces – which is another common concern for those who fish in open waters where waves can sometimes crash against their boats unexpectedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a Jackson kayak and others?

The most important thing separating one of these boats from another is its design.

Is it good to go on rocky or shallow waters with them?

They are perfect for more difficult terrain but you should still be careful when going around rocks.

Are they easy to transport?

Their weight is the biggest downside of these boats.

How different are they from other types of kayaks?

They can be very similar to kayaks designed for flat water.

Are the seats adjustable and comfortable?

The seat is one of the most important factors in a fishing boat. You will want it to be both sturdy and easily reachable when you need something. It should also have an added cushion so that your sit bones don’t hurt after long periods in the boat.

What kind of warranty do these boats come with?

A good warranty shows how confident the company is in their product, therefore looking at this factor before purchasing anything might save you some money down the line if there’s problem with it later on!


As the world’s leading manufacturer of fishing kayaks, Jackson has a long history in providing high quality and affordable products to anglers. Their wide range of models provides something for all skill levels and budgets. For those looking for an entry-level model without sacrificing performance or durability, we recommend checking out the Jackson Big Tuna Sit On Top Fishing Kayak. It is one of our favorites due to its versatility as well as affordability. If you’re not sure what type you need, be sure to check out their FAQ section below!