Are you looking to purchase a Lowrance fish finder? If so, you’re not alone. A Lowrance fish finder has many excellent features and benefits that can help any angler enjoy their fishing experience more than ever before. With the right information, it’s easy to make an informed decision on which product is best for your needs and budget. Keep reading this article for our top picks as well as all the information you need to know about each one.

A Lowrance fish finder is a device that helps anglers locate and identify fish underwater. Fish locators work by transmitting sound waves into the water, which then bounce off objects (such as fish) and return to the unit. This information is processed by the machine and displayed on a screen in real-time, allowing fishermen to see what’s going on beneath the surface of the water.

Some Lowrance fish finders also include GPS capabilities, making it easy for you to mark your favorite fishing spots so you can return there time and again. In addition, many models come with charts or mapping software pre-installed, so you can see exactly where you are in relation to your surroundings.

Lowrance Fish Finders reviewed

Lowrance HOOK2 4X Bullet

Lowrance HOOK2 4X Bullet

The Lowrance HOOK²-series fish finders are perfect for anglers who want an easy to use, entry level unit. They come pre-loaded with maps of both U.S. and Canada coasts so you can start fishing right away without having to purchase any additional mapping software or upgrades.

One of the best things about these units is that they feature Autotuning sonar – a technology which continually adjusts the settings on the fly in order to provide you with the clearest possible picture of what’s beneath the surface. This takes all of the guesswork out of trying to configure everything yourself and makes it super easy for anyone (even first timers) to get great results quickly and easily.

  • Pre-loaded with maps of U.S. and Canada coasts
  • Autotuning sonar ensures clear readings
  • Wide range of models to choose from
  • None that we could find!
Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5 SplitShot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5 SplitShot

The Lowrance HOOK Reveal SplitShot is one of the most popular fish finders on the market today. If you’re looking for an affordable unit that can do just about everything, this lowrance hds-series model may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

This sonar system comes with a built-in split shot feature which allows anglers to view two layers (bottom and surface) simultaneously – making it much easier to determine how shallow/deep different parts of your fishing area are as well as where there might be any drop offs or potential hazards. The included transducer also has both down imaging and side imaging capabilities – giving you access to crystal clear images at all times regardless of whether or not conditions happen to be murky or clear.

  • Comes with a transducer that has both down imaging and side imaging capabilities
  • Can be mounted on the bow or in front of boat for easy access to sonar readings.
  • Display is bright, clear & easy to read from any angle/distance away. 
  • While it does have an SD card slot which allows you to save images, there’s no support for wifi so transferring files can get pretty tedious – especially if you want to share them online.
Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot

The Lowrance HOOK Reveal SplitShot is also a very popular fish finder. This particular model comes with a five inch display screen as well as down imaging and side imaging capabilities so that you can always have crystal clear images of what’s going on beneath the surface – perfect for finding those hidden fish! The included transducer makes use of both sonar and GPS technologies in order to provide you with an accurate reading no matter where you are fishing, while the split shot feature allows you to view two layers simultaneously in order to better determine how deep different parts of your area are.

This unit is also easily mountable onto your bow in seconds, and features a built-in battery that will last up to 14 hours before needing a recharge.

  • Great value
  • Easily mountable onto a bow
  • Some issues with GPS readings in shallow waters.


Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 Splitshot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 Splitshot

The Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 Splitshot gives you the power to find fish and identify them with ease. FishReveal technology combines CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging to create a display that lights up with fish beneath your boat. With C-MAP CONTOUR+ US/CAN charts and 1-foot contours on 8,900 lakes, you’ll have all the high-resolution detail you need to spend more time trying to catch fish and less time trying to find them. The included 50/200 HDI transducer provides improved sonar performance in deep water or greater depths. The Lowrance HOOK Reveal is perfect for small to medium sized fishing boats.

The product was released in the market back in 2013 and since then it has been considered one of the best products out there on the fish finder market. It comes packed with an advanced FishReveal sonar technology which allows anglers to easily identify submerged objects, both large and small, by using CHIRP (compressed high-intensity radar) sound waves instead of traditional imaging like earlier models did. This makes it possible to detect hard targets such as rocks or stumps that could potentially damage your boat’s hull while also finding fish at greater depths than before too. Another thing we liked about this model is its ability to provide a very detailed view of the bottom contours, thanks to its DownScan Imaging capabilities.

  • Advanced FishReveal sonar technology
  • 50/200 HDI transducer for improved depth detection
  • Comes with C-MAP CONTOUR+ US/CAN charts
  • Views bottom contours in great detail
  • Some users have complained about its lack of a GPS system
Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 TripleShot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 TripleShot

The Lowrance HOOK Reveal TripleShot fish finder gives you a full view of what’s going on beneath your boat with three powerful technologies. CHIRP sonar, DownScan imaging and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) make it easy to see more fish at greater depths with crystal clear clarity thanks to its DualBeam PLUS technology that combines the capabilities of both Broadband and NarrowBand frequencies into one single transducer module. In addition, this model also has FishReveal which allows users to easily identify submerged objects as well as their size by using CHIRP sound waves instead of traditional imaging like earlier models did for better detection performance in deep water or great depth.

If we had to point out something that might be a downside for this unit, it would have to be the fact that you don’t get any mounting hardware with your purchase. You can find these types of things at local retailers if necessary, but you do need to make sure they are compatible because there are many other Lowrance fishfinder units on the market today.

With all its features and capabilities in one complete package including an easy-to-use interface along with powerful tools like FishReveal technology, CHIRP sonar/DownScan imaging plus DSP processing power, we’re confident saying this is definitely among our best lowrance fish finder picks available right now. Whether you’re looking for something simple or want more advanced technologies built into your unit without having to pay for a more expensive model, the HOOK Reveal is likely to fit your needs.

  • DualBeam PLUS technology
  • FishReveal feature
  • CHIRP sonar/DownScan imaging plus DSP processing power
  • No mounting hardware included
Lowrance HOOK2-5 TripleShot

Lowrance HOOK2-5 TripleShot

Another great option from Lowrance, the HOOK2-5 series of fish finders offer a number of different models that all provide similar features and capabilities but come with their own set of differences. The model we’re going to be focusing on today is the HOOK²-5 which has everything you need for fishing success at an affordable price point.

The DownScan Imaging technology works well in shallow or deep water alike thanks to its 200kHz frequency combined with CHIRP sonar to deliver crisp images through either medium while also being able to detect up to 1000 feet away under optimal conditions. It’s also worth mentioning that this unit does have FishReveal as one of its available tools which allows users not only see what kind of fish are in the water but also what size they might be.

Another great feature is being able to see not only your lure or bait’s depth during a cast but also track it after you’ve reeled it back in thanks to its DownScan Track transducer which shows exactly how deep and fast that lure was going while still providing CHIRP sonar images of both the bottom structure and fish above that point. This is particularly helpful for when casting near rocks, logs, brush piles or other things on the floor as well as knowing if one of those obstructions has snagged your line!

  • Comes with a pre-drilled transom mount and trolling motor transducer
  • Fish Reveal technology allows you to see what kind of fish are in the water as well as their size.
  • None
Lowrance Elite FS 7 HDI Contour+

Lowrance Elite FS 7 HDI Contour+

The Elite FS-HDI fish finder is a great option for those looking for more capabilities and features in their unit. This one comes with a built-in GPS system as well as mapping software that provides contours of the bottom in real time so you’ll always know where you are and what’s beneath your boat. It also has an impressive sonar range of up to 2500 feet when paired with the right transducer, making it perfect for large open bodies of water.

In addition to all this, the Elite HDI Contour+ GPS also offers SideScan Imaging which gives you a clear picture of what’s on either side of your vessel while fishing – perfect for detecting obstructions or other boats nearby! The DownScan Imaging feature also gives you a view of what’s directly below your boat, which is great for seeing fish and structure in murky water.

This Lowrance fish finder is definitely one of the best on the market and perfect for those looking to take their fishing game up a notch.

  • Built-in GPS system and mapping software with contours of bottom in real time
  • Sonar range of up to 2500 feet when paired with right transducer
  • SideScan Imaging and DownScan Imaging features for clear pictures of surroundings while fishing
  • None that we could find!
Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7x TripleShot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7x TripleShot

The Lowrance HOOK Reveal is a great option for those looking to upgrade their fish finder at an affordable price. It has two sonar imaging technologies, Chirp and DownScan, as well as DualBeam PLUS which gives you the best view of what’s below your boat by using both wide and narrow beams. You can also use it in either fresh or saltwater due to its IPX-rated waterproofing system that ensures total protection from water damage! Not only this but it comes with a built-in GPS antenna so you’ll always know where you are even without another device paired up with it through Bluetooth technology (pairing instructions included).

This unit offers some great additional features such as Fish Symbols that show fish in the water column and TrackBack which allows you to scroll backwards on the sonar history screen to review previous areas that you fished. The HOOK Reveal is a great value for the price and would be perfect for someone just starting out or looking for an upgrade!

  • Affordable option
  • Easy to use menu and features (built in GPS, Fish Symbols)
  • Not as high quality as other models with similar or higher prices.
Lowrance Elite FS 7 Active Imaging 3-in-1 Contour+

Lowrance Elite FS 7 Active Imaging 3-in-1 Contour+

The Lowrance Elite FS is another great option for those looking to upgrade their fish finder. It also has two image technologies, Active Imaging and DownScan Sonar with a built-in GPS antenna that works well in both fresh and saltwater! The imaging technology allows you to switch between high definition views of the bottom or water column on your screen depending on what it is you’re interested in viewing which makes fishing even easier because you can see exactly when something changes from one area to the next.

You’ll be able to view contours at an incredibly clear resolution thanks to its Active Imaging feature while still having access to all other useful information such as depth readings, temperature, speed over ground using its internal sensors along with sonar history to view what your line of sight has been. This model comes with a USB port that will allow you to upload all the information into Lowrance’s NavNet software so that it can be used on other devices or printed out as a map if necessary!

  • Active Imaging
  • GPS technology included for enhanced accuracy
  • High definition images of the bottom or water column available.
  • A little bit expensive than other models on our list.
Lowrance HDS-12 Live Active Imaging 3-in-1

Lowrance HDS-12 Live Active Imaging 3-in-1

Similar to the Elite FS, the Lowrance HDS-12 has Active Imaging and DownScan Sonar technologies with a built-in GPS antenna that make it great for both fresh and saltwater. The Live feature is what sets this model apart from the others as it gives you real-time sonar feedback on fish locations, movement, and depth! This information is overlaid onto your map so you can easily see where everything is in relation to one another which can be really helpful when trying to decide where to cast your line next.

It also includes StructureScan HD imaging which will give you an incredibly clear picture of the bottom contours as well as vegetation and wrecks making it perfect for finding those hidden spots that are full of fish.

The HDS-12 is a top of the line fish finder and comes at a price to match, but if you’re serious about your fishing then it’s definitely worth considering.

  • Active Imaging and DownScan Sonar technologies
  • Live feature gives real-time sonar feedback
  • StructureScan HD imaging for clear bottom contours
  • Expensive compared to other models

How To Choose The Best Lowrance Fish Finder: A Buyer’s Guide

Fishing Type

One of the first things you’ll need to decide on is what kind of angler you are. Are you looking for something so portable that it can easily be brought along with your wherever you go, or do want something more advanced which requires less effort but isn’t as transportable?

If this will primarily just be used in freshwater then there’s no reason why an entry-level model won’t suffice. However if saltwater fishing is where most of your time will be spent, then getting a high quality fish finder like those made by Lowrance becomes essential since they’re designed specifically for using them in these conditions (salt water) and work much better than cheaper models meant only for fresh water use.

The Type Of Your Vessel

The size and type of your boat is another important thing to consider when looking for a fish finder. If you have a small vessel then getting something compact will be ideal, while those with larger boats may need something more heavy-duty that can handle rougher waters without issue.

Lowrance also offers kayak models which are perfect if you’re looking for an affordable option that doesn’t skimp on features. These units are designed specifically to attach onto the front or rear end of your kayak so you always have accurate readings of what’s beneath the surface – no matter how fast you’re moving!

Overall Depth

When you’re on the water, having a fish finder that displays your depth readings in an easily readable manner is super important. The best Lowrance models are designed to show both true and water temperatures so you have full control over what kind of environment the fish are living within.

This makes it easier for anglers who want to catch bass or trout since they can tell whether or not they’re located in deeper areas (where these species typically reside) without wasting time searching around aimlessly hoping to get lucky with finding them. It’s all about eliminating guesswork!

Advantages of Lowrance Fish Finders

Lowrance for Everyone

Lowrance has a model that’s perfect for you, regardless of whether this is your first time buying a fish finder or if you’re looking to upgrade. Their affordable and advanced models cover all the bases so no matter what kind of angler you are there will be something in their lineup suited just for you.

Their products blend cutting-edge technology with an easy-to-use interface which makes operating them not only fun but also stress free since they don’t take long to figure out even if it’s been awhile since using one. The color touchscreen display used on most new Lowrance models eliminates much of the hassle associated with older systems such as having to push buttons when trying to mark waypoints etc..

Comes with Pre-loaded Maps

Another major advantage of having a Lowrance fish finder is that it comes with pre-loaded maps. Many models come standard with both freshwater and saltwater charts, though some only include one or the other depending on what you plan to use them for (fresh vs. salt water).

This makes using your unit easier from day one since there’s no need to download any additional data before going out fishing. Just power up the device and go!

Has an Excellent Tuning Capabilities

One of the Lowrance fish finder’s greatest strengths is its ability to finely tune into the signal being emitted from your bait or lure. This allows you to zero in on where the fish are hiding, even if they’re just swimming below the surface.

This also lets you distinguish between different types of fish – something that can be difficult to do without a good quality fish finder. If you’re looking for precision and aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to finding those hard-to-catch bass or trout, then a Lowrance unit is definitely what you need.

Final Thought

Overall, Lowrance offers a complete package and is known for their quality products. Whether you need something simple or more advanced, they have what it takes to meet your specific needs as well as surpass them at the same time.

Their new touchscreen models make operating their devices easier than ever before which isn’t surprising given how far technology has come within such a short period of time! You can rest assured that no matter which model you choose from this brand, it will be durable and offer accurate readings every single time – even in tough conditions with lots of interference.

Lowrance fish finder tips

  • The Lowrance fish finders are designed to make fishing easier and more successful.
  • There are a variety of models to choose from, so it is important to select the one that fits your needs.
  • Before you buy, consider the size of the unit, how often you will use it, what type of fishing you do and the features offered.
  • Once you have chosen the right Lowrance fish finder, learn how to use it properly for the best results.
  • The following tips will help you get started.
  • Consider the size of the unit. If you only plan to use it occasionally, a smaller model may be all you need. However, if you will be using it regularly or in deep water, you will want a larger unit with more features.
  • Think about how often you will use it. If you only go fishing once in a while, a basic model should do fine. But if fishing is your hobby or livelihood, you will want a more advanced unit with more features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fishing do I need a fish finder for?

A Lowrance fish finder is ideal for all types of fishing, from salt water to fresh water. It can be used in both open water and shallow waters.

What are the features offered by Lowrance fish finders?

Some of the features offered include depth measurement, sonar, map viewing and GPS tracking. Some models also offer trolling motor control and weather forecasting.

How do I use my Lowrance fish finder to its full potential?

You will need to learn how to use the different features of your unit. The best way to do this is by reading the owner’s manual or watching one of the many instructional videos online.

What are the benefits of owning a Lowrance fish finder?

Some of the key benefits include knowing where to go, how deep it is and what types of fish are in an area before you even leave home. You can also use your GPS system to get accurate coordinates for wherever you plan on fishing. It will help save time while out on the water so that all you need to do is locate the best spot instead of wasting several hours scouting around certain areas for good fishing spots or trying to memorize them from past experience.


The Lowrance fish finder is a high quality product with many features. It has an intuitive interface and would be great for someone who wants to explore the depths of their nearest lake or ocean without getting wet! For those that want more information, we have put together a buyer’s guide full of tips and tricks, FAQs about buying a new fish finder as well as reviews from other customers before you make your purchase. We hope this article helps you determine which Lowrance fishfinder will best suit your needs so you can catch some big ones in no time at all!