Traveling decoys!
Approximately 500 full body blue and snow goose decoys by Green Head Gear. These are the single piece most anatomically correct decoys on the market! That’s all I use!
Hunt anywhere on a moments notice!
Put out & pickup decoys on morning of hunt
and harvest more geese.
For goose hunting enthusiasts, consider a goose hunt where: Specklebelly, Canadian, ross, blue and snow geese are harvested on the same hunt. This hunt is mainly a goose hunt usually done in dry agricultural fields along a rice field levee where geese are feeding nearby or from buried pit blinds. Hunt with approximately 500 of the finest most anatomically correct decoys on the market ( Greenhead Gear).
   Sillo Socks are also used when larger decoy spreads are required.
<<<< Hunting for strictly geese occasionally requires kneeling or sitting next to a rice field levee, drainage ditch, etc. This type of hunt is often highly productive in goose hunting.  
 Hunters should either wear chest-waders which tend to keep legs, knees and butt dry from ground moisture or knee boots (boots that reach just below the knee) and then put camouflage only (no black, green, etc. – camo only!) rain pants or bibs over the knee boots. 
 Either method allows the hunter to stay dry.
NOTE: Hunters are expected to help put out and pick up decoys
(usually a 30 minute process) before and after hunt.
Focus on a specklebelly goose hunt, hunting from a buried pit blind or along a ricefield levee. Hunt with approximately 150 of the finest single piece most anatomically correct full body speck decoys on the market – Avery\Greenhead Gear.
   David Smith Hunting has designed and built specialized electronic goose callers for our exclusive use. We have captured and digitally edited the natural sounds of geese and use Bose Hi-Fi Stereo technology to play these special sounds while incorporating electronics in decoys that simulate realistic movements.