Teal Hunting

During the month of September, massive numbers of blue wing teal
stop in Louisiana on their migration to South America to gorge themselves
in the recently harvested rice fields of Southwest Louisiana.
Duck hunting in September – It doesn’t get any better!
The Challenge: High speed, low flying teal…Swing Fast and Shoot
or miss the opportunity !
Don’t miss this incredible adventure! It’s great for young hunters!
* 2015 Teal Season *
This teal season in the rice fields of Louisiana was incredible as we had
tremendous flocks of teal in our fields resulting in great hunts!
Coastal Zone
Sept. 12 – 27, 2015
All hunts Guided
$125 per hunter / per morning -weekdays
$150 per hunter / per morning-weekends
Private hunts start at 7+ hunters-weekends
Interior view of buried pit blind
Seats swivel 360 degrees for excellent visual
and more timely shots!
Ricefield teal pond with pit blind buried in levee.