David would recommend:
* Shells for ducks & geese-12 gauge 3” or 3 1/2” BB or BBB shot size and
  No time to change shells ! Shoot – Shoot – Shoot!
  3/8 oz. or larger shot weight.
  One size shot shells for ducks and geese.
    David Strongly Recommends nothing less than 1600 feet per second in a shotgun shell! 1700 feet per second is best! Spend the extra money and get the best shells! Those who do will walk away with better hunts and more geese in hand. I want you to have a great time! Follow my recommendations!
* Goose hunting from a levee –
    Every hunter must have chest waders or
knee boots overlaid by camo pants or bibs.
Doing so will keep knees, legs & butt dry!
Not applicable to pit blind hunts.
* Camouflage rain gear – Camouflage Only!
* Flashlight with new batteries – Essential ! A Must! Everyone !
* State & Federal Licenses and Stamps
* Hip boots
* Full Camo – hat, shirt and pants
* Ice chest for birds
* Insect repellant
* Snacks and coffee thermos
* At least one change of clothes